Make sure you use an Accredited Buyer’s Representative!

Judy Acklin an Accredited Buyer’s Representative will perform the following services to facilitate locating the perfect property, negotiating the contract and assisting in closing a property for you,



Judy will set up personal web site search to Locate properties based on features important to Buyer, site will notify buyer immediately of availability. Agent can also check “For Sale by Owners” and new construction.



Judy will perform a Market Analysis to identify a realistic value for the property of your choice, she’ll check:


  1. COMPARABLE SALES and CURRENT LISTINGS for area, amenities & Seller concessions to indicate probable value and future resale potential.
  2. MARKETABILITY ANALYSIS Identify the most marketable features and limiting factors of the property to indicate potential future value.
  3. MORTGAGE CONSULTATION / PREQUALIFICATION Judy will assist you in identifying prospective mortgage sources and help in analyzing your financing options. Additionally, she will assist you with prequalification for a mortgage in order to reduce uncertainty and improve your negotiating position.
  4. ESTIMATE OF COST TO PURCHASE Provide a Cost to Buyer or “Good Faith Estimate” (from Lender) reflecting the estimated costs you may expect to invest in the purchase and closing of your property.



Prepare and present your offer in a timely manner for you to the Seller or Seller’s Broker.



Judy will provide the names and phone numbers of persons or firms qualified to perform the following services, and assist in coordinating the following areas:

  • Inspections, Structural, Roof
  • Seller Disclosure
  • Fixtures and Equipment
  • Title
  • Closing
  • Wood Infestation
  • Loan Application
  • Closing Procedures



Judy will submit contracts to parties involved and assist in arranging inspections; negotiate repairs, coordinate closing with the Buyer, Seller, Realtors, lenders and closing companies, arrange a final walk-through inspection; review closing statement; and attend the closing along with you, the buyer.



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